My First Week with Hearing Aids

On February 1st, I received my much anticipated pair of hearing aids! It was an emotional moment, not only for me, but my audiologist.

First thoughts: Wow, everything is very…. loud? There’s music in the waiting room? Everything is so intense.

My audiologist has his secretary ask me a question from the other room and I’m able to respond. I can’t believe it. We do a few tests, sound checks, cleaning instructions, etc. Then we step outside. I never realized how much sound there is outdoors. Birds. Lots of birds. Traffic is booming. I can’t believe how loud it is. I’ve been able to hear all of this, just not to this degree. I never realized how much I was missing until I got to hear it. Wow.

The Adjustment Period

The adjustment period has been rough so far. I’ve had to go back to my audiologist a few times, due to some static sounds (or maybe just sounds I’m not use to.) So far I’m only wearing them about 6-7 hours a day, because it can be VERY overwhelming in public. I’m struggling to gauge how loud I’m speaking/how loud my actions are. I realize this will become more natural in time, but right now it’s rough. Sounds like paper sound like tin foil, and things like knuckle cracking sounds more like knuckle breaking. To my hearing aid users, what was your adjustment period like?

I will most likely be updating monthly (or trying to.)


The Practical Queer, a.k.a MaKaela


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